Peter K. O'Connell, in NC
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Union Status: Non-Union
Special Skills: Teleprompter
About Peter K.
Before Madonna sang about her virginity, when making a phone call from the road meant plunking twenty five cents into a phone booth and back when getting “on-line” meant waiting to check-out at the grocery store, Peter began his career as a male voiceover talent and live announcer. He is celebrating his 35th year as a professional male voice-over talent. As America’s Friendly, Neighborhood Voiceover Talent, Peter’s broad vocal range allows him his global clients, who range from Fortune 500 Companies to companies who think $500 is a fortune. Some of the more well known brands he has voiced for include General Electric (GE), Kraft Foods, Public Broadcasting Service, Shell Oil, Duracell Batteries, Starz Network, Papa John’s Pizza and Fox Sports Networks.
Peter K.'s Voice-over Samples