Kristen Elizabeth Harris, in St. Louis
Actor / Model / Voice
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Black
Union Status: Non-Union
Special Skills: Teleprompter, Athletic
About Kristen

Kristen Elizabeth Harris is a model, poet, actress and communications professional in St. Louis, MO. She currently serves as the Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing at Harris-Stowe State University.  Prior to, she worked as a news reporter.  She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

Harris served as the 2021 Miss Spirit of St. Louis and 2018 Zeta Alpha Chapter’s Miss Black and Gold. During her reign she conducted several community service projects such as book readings, pageantry workshops and she even developed a scholarship that benefited 5 Harris-Stowe students. She has always had a love and passion for working with youth, mentoring, creating content, modeling traveling and poetry. As she did in pageantry, she hopes to inspire non-traditional models and actresses to find beauty in their flaws and use what makes them different as their strength. She has modeled for several fashion shows and served as a print model for Gabby on the Beat, Patrice’s Bridal Shop, Save-A-Lot, ADM Photography and more. She has also built a name for herself in poetry, KMoneyThePoet. Her collection of poems seek to start conversations about several important topics including but not limited to mental health, drug abuse, police brutality, dementia and more. She was recently recognized by the St. Louis American as a Salute to Young Leaders award recipient which honored 25 Outstanding African American Professionals under the age of 40.

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