Dan Hurst
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Union Status: FiCore
Other Languages: Spanish
About Dan

You’ve probably heard Dan Hurst on any number of automotive, furniture or infomercial spots. Maybe you’ve heard him as the signature voice on a radio or TV station across America, including ESPN, Telemundo, MLB Network, or even the Cartoon Network. Or perhaps you’ve heard him on an eLearning or corporate narration. You might have heard him when you were on hold for several different companies around the world. You may have even heard him as the voice of numerous industrial security alert systems. And all of that in either English or Spanish!  Dan Hurst is one of America’s premier bilingual voice talents. He’s perfectly fluent, neutral, unaccented and comfortable in English or Spanish. To learn more about Dan go to www.DanHurst.com.

Dan's Voice-over Samples