Ben Messner
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Union Status: Non-Union
Special Skills: Teleprompter, Ear Prompter, Athletic
About Ben

Ben Messner is a college instructor, voiceover actor, business owner, and production director for three radio stations – not bad for someone who started his career in broadcasting as an intern making coffee runs.  Since then he has produced FM morning shows, run the Royals Radio Network, and has written and produced commercials for thousands of clients.  As the Production Manager at Union Broadcasting he is the creative voice and editor behind the sound of America’s Largest All Sports Radio Station :  Sports Radio 810 WHB.  In 2011, he helped launch ESPN 680 in Louisville, Kentucky’s first all sports station.  Ben is continuing to learn, developing his video editing skills and learning all he can about web design to bring his creativity to even more media platforms.   He shares his thirst for knowledge each semester with the next generation of broadcasters, through his radio production course at Johnson County Community College.

Ben's Voice-over Sample