6/26 Improv Skills for On-Camera Auditions

6/26 Improv Skills for On-Camera Auditions

Sunday, June 26th
Improv Skills for On-Camera Auditions
Unsatisfied with your on-camera auditions? Not getting called back? This one day, two-part workshop (you can register for a half day or full day) is designed for you!
MORNING SESSION (11am-12:30pm): The morning session, via Zoom, features Second City-trained improvisor/actor/writer/director/teacher DANA QUERCIOLI, who will cover ....
SPECIAL RATE $25 $75.00 for morning session 

AFTERNOON SESSION (1:30pm - 3:30pm): The afternoon session, held at The Bird Theater, will feature Moxie client and improv expert, JAMIE CAMPBELL, who will host an in-person class putting improv fundamentals to work in on-camera audition scenarios. This session will require participants to get on their feet and try improv techniques to enhance their on-camera auditioning experience.
SPECIAL RATE $25 $75.00 for afternoon session

Both Improv sessions can be taken for the reduced price of $40.00!

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